25 KD

Our handmade adjustable cigar case is made of fine calfskin leather, printed in unique camouflage design and a lining made of full-grain calfskin. The two-piece leather case is suitable for two cigars. The simple GOLDBLACK emblem gives the case a re-recognition and a luxurious touch.

color grey
  • 6,3 inch length with a cigar diameter of 1 inch
  • Lenght adjustable to & 8,3 inch
  • Calf leather lining for maximum flavor preservation
material Calfskinleather, calfskin leather (lining)
dimensions 6.2 x 2.95 x 1.3 Inch


  1.  Be careful when inserting heavy items, as doing so may damage or deform the shape of the product.
  2. Direct exposure to humidity, moisture, sweat and heat may transfer color or change the shape of the product.
  3. Direct exposure to sunlight or illumination may discolor the product.
  4. Alcohol and oily substances, such as perfumes or cosmetic products, may damage or contaminate the product.
  5. External friction may cause color transfer, contamination and abrasion, especially for brightly colored products.
  6. Products may undergo wear due to external friction or shocks.

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